The Ziva Center is family company located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
It is dedicated to food, the body, relationships and environmental care.

We are one of pioneers of organic movement in Slovenia and we stated as association for education and training from 1994 to 2004 and since 2004 we have been a wholesaler of organic products.
An important turning point in the company's development took place in 2010 when we purchased business premises on the outskirts of Ljubljana. It turned out to be a step towards the holistic vision approach, which is the intersection of urban and rural culture, economic and private relations, distribution of products and services, wholesale and retail, and business and life philosophy.

Wholesale distribution of organic products still remains the company's central service. We represent many producers from all over Europe (Italy, Germany, GB) and outside (Equador, India) and we promote and distribute products through all channels:
* supply to organic shops in Slovenia
* supply to specialised shops
* supply to supermarket chains

The new business premises offer sufficient storage space for fresh and dry produce and products, while an important acquisition is a 200m2 organic store with 2000 organic food products, organic certified cosmetic products, cleaning products, essential oils and organic textiles.
Above the store there is a hall for training courses and comprehensive presentations of new developments for business partners. Organic product store owners have the opportunity to see and taste new products in the Živa Center store. New store owners can also receive advice on the ion and positioning of products. The philosophy is that small organic stores are necessary, because they provide the customer with eco-education through direct contact and are also an alternative to the estranged relations customers experience in supermarkets.
Quality services are the right support for selling products. The Beauty Studio is the place where workshops, services and courses on ecological hair dye, make up and body care with certified organic cosmetics are carried out. It is also the place where owners and employees from hairdressing, massage and beauty salons can be trained. An important part of the support for end users is free advice on skin and hair care, and assistance in choosing a suitable ion of products for facial care, body products and decorative cosmetics.
In the evenings the hall is occupied with Femininity - oriental dance classes led by the director Mirjam Korez and also with lectures on nutrition and alternative workshops (rebirthing, reflexology), which are led by the owner of Živa Center, Marjan Korez. We also organise guest lectures on sociological and ecological topics. We spread new ideas on urban gardening and organic, permacultural and biodynamical production of vegetables.

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Home page of Ziva Center. Shop and distribution of organic vega food (Probios, Wheaty, Zwergenwiese, Govinda, Bute island Foods), gluten free products, certified organic cosmetics (Logona, Sante), food supplements (Fitne), detergents (Sodasan), essential oils (Abiessence), ear candels, organic teytile (The Spirit of Om). Health Studio, Beauty Studio, Oriental dance, yoga, alternative treatments.

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