Živa center

Živa Center

frizerski salon živa center
Herbal hair colours and scalp treatment products

Organic hair studio

Owner and consultant
Mirjam Mihelčič Korez, MSc Biol., +386 41 404 773
ekološki kozmetični salon živa center
Natural and organic foods, cosmetics and cleaning products; essential oils, organic incense, organic textile

Organic store

Tomačevo 27, Ljubljana, 2000 carefully chosen products in a 200-square-metre space, car park, expert advice.
Information: +386 51 454 355 or info@zivacenter.si
orientalski ples biti ženska
Oriental dance classes, womanhood classes and workshops

Oriental dance and 'Being a Woman' project

The classes and workshops are led by Mirjam Mihelčič Korez, oriental dance teacher and leader of the ‘Being a Woman’ project
organic cosmetic studio
Facials, manicure, pedicure, beeswax hair removal

Organic beauty studio

Beauticians at our salon use top-quality organic skin care products, which are also available at the store.
To book an appointment, please call +386 41 404 773
spletna trgovina živa center
Organic online shop since 2005

Živa Center organic online shop

More than 2000 products in stock, free delivery for orders above €20 (Slovenia), orders placed before 12:00 are dispatched on the same day. Delivery to EU countries €20-€30.
prehransko svetovanje
Organic vegan food products, macrobiotic products, gluten-free products, etc.

Nutrition consulting

Self-discipline in dietary matters is a physical and spiritual practice. Your consultant Marjan Korez has more than 26 years’ experience in nutrition and dietary counselling. To book an appointment, please call +386 31 857 790.
nekaj napiši
Eyebrow shaping and grooming, day and night makeup, makeup tutorials

Organic make-up studio

Our makeup artists only use Logona and Sante certified organic cosmetic products.To book an appointment, please call +386 41 404 773.
veleprodaja živa center
Organic foods, cosmetics and cleaning products


We represent more than 30 ed and trustworthy organic brands. The relationships we have built with some of them span more than 30 years. We supply organic products to organic stores, salons, specialised shops and supermarket chains. If you are interested in working with us, please call +386 31 857 790.
refleksna masaža stopal Marjan Korez
Reflexology foot massage, diagnostics and rebirthing

Marjan Korez - alternative medicine

Counselling for preventive and healing purposes. The techniques and treatments for improving health must have no harmful side effects. To book your appointment, please call +386 31 857 790.